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    D800E will not add to catalog


      Yesterday I installed the latest version of CC ver 2015.5.1.  My D800 images add correctly to my catalog but my D800E images will only show in the previous import selection not in all photographs.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Previous Import is just a temporary collection. If you can see thumbnails in Previous Import they will be in All Photographs and the folders panel. Try selecting a couple of thumbnails from the Previous Import collection and whilst they are highlighted switch to All Photographs.

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            rjmdxr Level 1

            Thank you.  I have already imported new images.  They worked correctly and were part of All Photographs.  However the images captured previously that only showed in the temporary Previous Import were never saved into the All Photographs selection.  I have used LR as of its initial release many years ago and never seen this. The images appear to be lost.  I even reimported them by turning off the "do not import duplicates" off the CF card but no help.  However everything  seems to be working correctly now with new images I just captured.  Hope its not a bug with the new release and we do not hear of the same issue.  Thank so much for your reply.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Are you sure you don't have a filter turned on or the wrong sort order making them show up in an unexpected place? If Lightroom will not import them with "do not import duplicates" turned on they are in your catalog. Try searching for images made on the dates your images were from.

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                rjmdxr Level 1

                Thank you very much. Not sure what happened but the images never imported to my catalog even though they were in recent. But all is working normal for now. I have 35000 images in LR but never experienced this. I do thank you for your response.


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