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    Presentation Playback Speed Control

      Hi all!

      If you're like me, you've noticed the standard "30 fps" playback rate for Breeze presentations sometimes requires tweaking to get an animation "just right". Here's some simple Actionscript code to do just that:

      To change the playback rate:
      _root.m_viewerController.m_currentSlide.content.fps = XX; // where XX is the desired frames per second

      Of course, this messes up your scrub bar's "time remaining" display, so here's how to tweak that:

      To get the normal playback duration:
      var myTime = _root.m_viewerController.m_presentationDuration;

      To change the scrub bar's time (making it twice as long, in this example):
      _root.m_controlBar.m_scrubBar.m_totalTime = myTime * 2 //You could also just input a value here


      ~Marc B