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    Need a short Video card for a Shuttle XPC, recommendations? Have GTX 650 Ti currently.

    msp1518 Level 1

      Greetings, have a Shuttle XPC SZ77R5 that I will set up as a spare system. I have one of these now with an i7-2600 3.4GHz cpu, 16GB ram and a GeForce GTX 650 Ti.


      I have the same CPU and memory in the new spare system. I want to move the GTX 650 Ti to the spare and buy a different card, something just a bit better, to my main Shuttle XPC. Got me?


      Budget of 140 max. And I do mean not a penny more than that. If I can go less, cool.


      I was looking at this card here for $120, but maybe it's no better...


      MSI GeForce GTX 950 DirectX 12 GTX 950 2GD5 OCV1 2GB 128 Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3 | eBay


      Maximum dimensions allowable for the Shuttle are are 267mm (10.5 inches) x 98mm (3.85 inches) x 34.6mm (1.36 inches). But that's not quite right.


      The GTX 650 is thicker and taller than that (6 inches long, 4.4 inches tall, 1.5 thick), but it barely fits. So I can go 1.5 inches thick and 4.4 inches tall.


      I don't know jack about video card (my bad) so I would appreciate some advice.