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    AE comps clipping highlights?

    Kevin B Good Level 1

      I have footage with "illegal" >100 IRE whites. When I select that footage in Premiere and "Replace with AE comp" it hard clips all those highlights off. I can see it on the scopes in Premiere and on my production monitor (fed via Blackmagic card) but I can't see it in my Premiere Program window, which always shows the "clipped" version. Here's the before-and-after. Both of these are ungraded, the only change is the 2nd one is now an dynamic-linked AE comp instead of the raw file. Notice just how much highlight information has been clipped off (although no change in Program Monitor, only changing on external that I can't get screengrab of... but it IS actually clipping the highlights... this isn't some academic thing about what it's showing as a white point on the scopes or something). It sure would be nice to have the full range the camera could capture when I take this into the grade. Source footage is Prores HQ, although I'm seeing this with all sources of footage. It's not codec/source specific.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!