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    Speed of video How to adjust


      I'm a rookie in training and have found answers to all of my questions so far in the tutorials and training videos, with the exception of 2 issues(or potential issues)


      1) how do I adjust the speed of portions of my timeline? if I'm editing portions that I am walking with my OSMO and it's just too long and boring, I would love to be able to speed that up on my timeline.


      2) when I cut or crop portions of videos out of my timeline, is it permanently removed from the file or only removed from that timeline and the original file remain intact in full?  I just want to know if I need to keep footage on my memory cards until I complete a project in case I need footage that I previously clipped from a timeline


      I'm sorry if these seem like elementary questions and I appreciate any help anyone would be willing to give. I've got two clients waiting on their videos and something as simple as speeding it up is holding everything up.




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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional



          1) You did not offer any information about the version.  On my Windows version of PrE 13 there are two tools for speed control.  The are Time Stretch and Time Remapping.  Try them both because they work differently.


          2)  The original file is never altered.  Video editing is about placing markers for things to happen.  When you output your finished copy, the originals are read and the output is "rendered" or "transcoded" based on everthing you've entered in the project.  Keep you original footage.  Your project is nothing without those clips.