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    Inconsistent audio recording

      I have recorded 6 demos using a microphone (Plantronics Multimedia headset). Although I was able to record without any problems, the quality of the audio was not good. I purchased M-Audio Podcast Factory, and though the quality of the audio is great, Captivate often (from slide to slide) prompts the msg that it cannot locate an audio or the audio is so fast that I sound like a chipmunk. I'm desperate as I have 49 demos to record by the end of June. Has anyone experienced this problem or have a solution to offer?
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          This is ball park but have you changed the frame rate of the movies...?

          You could also try recording the audio in a 3rd party program and importing it on each slide.
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            I too am having this issue. Has anyone found a solution?

            I am using an M-Audio USB preamp.

            All I do is record a movie and as soon as I have pressed "End" and all the asstes have been imported into Captivate, I preview the movie, and after the first scren or so, the audio is playing at a very high rate. The audio finishes well before the movie finishes.

            There have been no changes to frame rates, I do have the audio set to CD quality (high). I have not edited tha audio, manipulted frames or anything.
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              concatmedia Level 1
              I have just updated the m-audio drivers. I still am getting the speeded-up audio. I do not want to be a chipmunk.

              I do not have this issue with any other sound recording software, only captivate Soundforge is working fine. The speed up always comes after a screen/slide change.
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                I got on the phone to MM/Adobe. They have no idea what could be the cause. The tech did not seem to think that the M-Audio preamp was the cause. They did walk me through a couple of interesting tests. We tried recording a movie using Notepad as the target, and it worked fine. So then I tryed using Firefox as the browser while recording my movie (I had been using Internet Explorer). I was able to record my movie just fine with Firefox!

                So the trouble may be caused by the 3 apps (IE, Captivate and the M-Audio drivers) working at the same time.