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    Flash installation problems.


      Windows 7. IE 11. Several basics first if anyone can indulge me as thios whole mess is confusing like trying to get registered on this forum.


      ?  What is the difference betwen Flash Player and Shockwave Flash object?

      ?  Where does Adobe install Flash Player / Shockwave Flash Object so I can look with Win Explorer, open it at source?


      I have downloaded, saved then installed. Directly installed. Gone through all the FAQS & FIX'S.


      WHY is STEP 3 an advert for more Adobe programs when what it SHOULD be is a test to see if it is installed and works!?!?


      I'm not a geek, wish I was but I know I MUST have Flash installed or I can't watch video on my browser. Tried several and NONE work, ALL say I need Adobe Flashplayer.


      SOMETIMES control panel can uninstall other times it says there is no file, that is the ONLY way I have ANY notion if the install worked.


      It WAS working a week ago, then I got a bug in IE 11 and had to uninstall, used Malwarebytes to clean my system as Win defender didn't/couldn't. Now the browsers work with being under someone elses control including a supposed place to download Adobe Flash Player. Only thing now not working is video and there just isn't an alternative for FLASH whaterver it's called.