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    DESPERATE..Lightroom 6 shutting down CONSTANTLY

    christel1975 Level 1

      I purchased Lightroom 6 a few weeks ago and i have barely used it. I get the first picture edited and when i got to open my next picture to edit it stops responding and shuts down. i have looked on forums to see what to do and I am still getting nowhere. This is the steps I have attempted to take

      If you are on the latest version of Lightroom 6 , please follow the steps :

      • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
      • Click on the General tab
      • Uncheck “Show ‘Add Photos’ Screen”Restart Lightroom
      • Also please Go to the Preferences > Performance Tab, and uncheck "Use Graphics Processor "
      • Restart Lightroom and see if it works.

      First when I got to the general tab there is no option to uncheck the “Show ‘Add Photos’ Screen”, this option does not even exist on my screen.

      When I go to uncheck  the "Use Graphics Processor" it stops responding and shuts down AGAIN....PLEASE HELP