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    Playback Quality


      Hi all...newbie to the forum here.

      I've been using Premier Elements for a few years now - I mainly do home-movie style music videos. I've just started a new project and have recorded the video in the same way I always have done. But this time, there's a noticeable drop in playback quality. Difficult to describe but it's basically far from an HD quality picture. Nothing wrong with the camera; I've played back the footage on my computer via MSN media player and it's fine. BUt on Premier Elements it's really poor. I've tried reducing the file size to a number of small clips instead of the whole 4 minutes of the song in question...still no improvement. Basically, I've done nothing different to the way I've recorded and uploaded for years but all of a sudden the quality has dropped.

      Any ideas?? Appreciate your help....

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          What version and what computer?  What camera? Are you talking about preview quality during editing or quality of the final rendered output?

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            alexh4500 Level 1

            Hi...thanks for the reply! Premier Elements 12; camera is a SonyHDR PJ220. OK it's not the best camera in the world but it's been perfectly acceptable until now, so this is a new problem. The problem is obvious during editing but I regularly "render" during editing. But one thing I have just noticed is from a previous video (which I burned to DVD) in which I used some captions...which were basically a black screen with white captions, and they're a bit fuzzy with slightly detectable horizontal lines.

            I'm just wondering if I've just got too many files in Premier Elements (ie ALL my videos) and it's just cluttered it up. As I say, when I play my vids back through MSN movie maker, the picture is absolutely fine.

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              Nothing wrong with the camera.  The point of the question was to lead to formats it can shoot.  What are the settings in the camera for the clips you are taking?  It should be AVCHD 1920x1080p60 for the best quality.  I'm not sure what the choices are, but a quick internet search says AVCHD is a choice.


              What are your project settings?  If they don't match the camera settings, you will see the yellow preview render line.  Rendering during editing only improves the viewing speed during editing by creating preview files.  I've never seen it improve the clarity of the picture. 


              Having too many clips in your computer has nothing to do with it.  Each project will only reference the clips you have included in the project. 


              Producing titles for DVDs can only be a little fuzzy.  DVDs are old, standard definition.  Even viewed on todays best TVs, DVDs will be fuzzy.  They are especially fuzzy if you've grown used to watching HD TV.  


              To summarize, my best guess is that your camera's settings are not optimum, your project settings don't match the footage and you are expecting DVDs to have the clarity of HD TV. 

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                alexh4500 Level 1

                Hi; wow, thanks for this, I appreciate your time.


                I think you may have stumbled on something for me. I looked at the camera settings and I'd set one of them to "Highest Quality". For some reason, that has crossed off (can't think of a better way of describing it!) "AVCHD". When I change the quality to "High Quality", the AVCHD icon lights up....so presumably under the Highest Quality, AVCHD is not "on" whereas on just plain "High Quality", it is...


                I've got it set to 1920x1080...what does the"p60" bit mean though? I can't see a way of setting that...my camera offers frame rates of 50p and 50i and recommends using 50i....?? Is that related?


                I've just had a try and it's an improvement for sure. I wasn't expecting HD TV quality but there was still something noticeably not right.


                I'll let you know how it progresses...thank again for your help.