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    Branched: My hyperlinks are not working in my PDF exported from Indesign, very latest version. Is this normal?


      I think I might be having the same problem, only with images programmed as hyperlinks, not text. Text hyperlinks are working just fine. Can someone check this newsletter I just did and let me know if they can click the social network badges bottom of page 2 and have them go to urls, and/or all the logos bottom of page 3?  Every single one of these has an url assigned. All done via hyperlink panel, all set as buttons on click. One thing I noticed in the panel, not sure if it makes a diff ... under "appearance" these are all set to "normal". Tried it set to "click," but made no diff.


      Downloadable version works just fine for image hyperlinks, it's only within the browser that the image links aren't working properly. Upon more research I see the image links DO work in Chrome, but not Safari. Any sort of tweak I need to make in INDD for them to work within the browser in Safari?


      I noticed in Chrome (where the image links DO work) that all the logos on page 3 have a slight cast/"box" behind them. Any tip to get rid of that? Doesn't appear in Safari. Seems like there needs to be some sort of browser consistency check for image links within INDD as part of "preflight" for online publishing. Or, does this already exist and I just don't know about it?


      http://www.sfpa.com/resources/Documents/At%20Issue%20Newsletter/SFPA%20At%20Issue%20April% 202016.pdf