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    Cannot update


      This is my first-ever attempt to get support here so I am not even sure I am in the right place.


      I own Lightroom 6.0 (non-CC / whatever you call that).  I recently purchased a new camera and it will not import the RAW photos.  I figured maybe I need an update so when I got the "The files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom. (27)" I tried various things including selecting "check for updates."  At that point I got "The version check was unsuccessful."  When I tried updating via LR, "Your applications are all up-to-date" appeared.  I then went to the Adobe site where it appeared there were various newer versions.  No matter which I tried to activate, I got (for example) "Update-April 2016  Update is not applicable.  Error Code: U44M2P28."  After trying a couple different ones and always receiving similar messages, I am now trying this (although I am not even sure how this works.


      I am sure there is something I am not understanding so seek help in what seems to be the only way offered by Adobe.  Thanks to anyone who can help with this.