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    Word art for Lightroom


      I have been trying to make the quotes that you can add to photos in the print module .  Something along these lines   TIA for any help 


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Extensive word art like that would require Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or some other such software. It is possible to add a watermark or a simple line such as the file name. But that kind of word art usually requires working with additional layers and Lightroom doesn't have those kinds of features.

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            LysaB Level 1

            I purchased a few for Ashe design for a few bucks but they are very limited. It seems like it should be pretty easy to import but just not sure how to go about it.... yet 

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Lightroom imports specific file types. The most common are raw, JPEG, TIF and PSD files. If the designs you purchased are in one of these formats you should be able to import them. The Lightroom doesn't have any capability to allow you to combine those designs with an image. It just isn't part of what Lightroom does.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                You really need to use Photoshop to be creative with an overlay as shown in your image-

                Photoshop will do it all, but if you want to use Lightroom Print module consider using Identity plates in the Print module-


                1. In Photoshop Type/Design any text or logo you desire, on a transparent background layer.

                Use all the power of Photoshop Layer Styles for- color, drop shadows, stroke, bevel & emboss, etc.


                2. Save the image as a PNG type file so as to preserve the transparency (Do not Save as JPG, it will fill the background with white!)

                3. In Lightroom layout your print with the photo you want having set up page size, etc.

                4. Check the option to add an Identity plate.

                5. 'Edit' the identity plate and choose 'Graphic',  select the PNG 'text' file saved in step 2.


                6. Resize and position the Identity plate to suit the image.

                7. Keep a folder of PNG files that you can re-use as identity plates at any time, they could be Logos, verses, greetings, flower images, etc, etc.