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    Windows Media Video

      2 simple questions . . .

      How do you detect if a user has WMV 8 codec installed.

      How can you install WMV codec without the user having to go onto the web?

      Any help would be much appreciated.
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          you must be detect DirectX version . if its version is 8 of higher then WMV8 supported
          for detecting DirectX versin you can use of this code:
          then check the char[1] of it and if it is 8 or higher then system supported WMV 8 else
          u must be install the directX 8 or higher with open statement
          open "DirectX installer File Path & /S"
          /S use for silent install without any question of user
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            Marksman_Ash Level 1
            So if they have DirectX 8 then they will have the WMV8 codec, is that right?

            In other worgds does the DirectX 8 installer, also install the WMV8 codec?