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    Tetherred shooting with Canon EOS 5D or 6D in Creative Cloud


      Actually, I have two questions in one. First, I own a 5D, first model (called 5D mark I by some), and it seems to be supported in Lightroom for tethered shooting as it's showed in this document:A list of cameras that can be tethered to Lightroom.

      But when I turn on my 5D, and initiate tethered shooting in Lightroom CC, the screen alternates between showing a message that my camera is detected or there is no camera detected. At the same time my camera says "busy" all the time.

      So, it seems that 5D is not supported after all (I've tried to change the setting to PC Connect in the menu, but that doesn't make it work either). So is it supported by CC or not?

      Then, I thought of buying a 6D, since it's a more recent model, but does that model work in tethered shooting in Lightroom CC?


      Confusion in abundance .... do any of you have an answer, that will help me out of this dark maze ?