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    Lightroom Catalog synced to both of my computers


      Hello! I could really use some help. I've been using Lightroom for several years on my mac laptop. I recently got a mac desktop and I was curious if there is way to sync my Lightroom account to both computers. I would mainly like to edit on my new desktop, but I still need to edit the same photos on my laptop on the go! Does anyone know how to do this? I found the serial number to my Lightroom.... Where do I go from here?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The simplest way to accomplish this is to have your catalog and your images on an external hard drive that can be moved from one computer to the other. The catalog must be located on a hard drive that is local to the computer running Lightroom. The catalog cannot be shared between two computers. Some people put the catalog and images in Dropbox. But you have to be extremely diligent in allowing one computer to fully synchronize before you try to open the catalog on the other computer. I have never done this type of sharing. Comments that I have read seem to indicate that it is very easy for the catalog to become corrupted using the Dropbox approach.