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    Applying lens profile correction causing issues with photo adjustments


      I'm working on a Mac with Lightroom version 2015.5 and am wondering if what I am encountering is a bug in Lightroom or an issue with my particular lens profile correction. My issue is when I apply the lens profile correction I am unable to use the grad filter, spot removal, radial filter and adjustment brush on parts of my photo. It simply will not allow me to use it and will jump off the screen and the anchor pin is nowhere to be found. Has anyone else experienced this issue? The only way I can fix it by unchecking the lens correction, manually making the lens corrections myself and then applying the filter.   Any advice would be helpful.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, try disabling (or enabling) the GPU:  Prefs / Performance / uncheck (or check) Use Graphics Processor


          Next, update to LR 6.5.1.  If Help / Updates doesn’t do it automatically, download the manual patch from here:  https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/lightroom-downloads.html


          If neither of those fix it, then can you upload the image somewhere like www.dropbox.com <http://www.dropbox.com>  then post a public download link, here, for others to try in their LRs.


          The dual theories as to what is happening are:  either the profile or LR have a bug, or that the video drivers on your computer aren’t displaying the pins and/or the effect in the correct place for some reason.


          If LR has a bug then others should be able to reproduce it with your image.


          If your video system has a problem then LR is ok and the video driver may need an update.