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    Can't Cancel Adobe Stock?


      I signed up for the trial of Adobe Stock and downloaded a couple photos. In the meantime, I've been incredibly busy with both work and family issues. I forgot about the trial and started getting billed for it (and have had it for four months now). "No problem," I thought. "I'll simply cancel the membership now that I have time to deal with it." When I go to cancel it I'm forced to contact support about it. Odd. I am now being told I cannot cancel it and if I want to, there is a $131 cancellation fee. WHAT!? I've been paying $33 a month for four months, only downloaded a couple photos and I can't cancel the membership? What's going on Adobe? A quick search shows TONS of people having the same problem. Been paying for Creative Cloud since it was first announced and purchased every version of Creative Suite since CS2.