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    X99 SATA questions and more

    Jay Knobbe Level 1

      Good evening all,

      I am about to undertake my new build and I need some advice and clarification.


      Here is the final list of parts sitting in my office:


      AsusMobox99 Deluxe
      SamsungO/S DriveMZ-7KE256BW 850Pro
      Samsung Project DriveMZ-V5P512BW 950Pro NVMe
      CoolerMasterCPU CoolerHyper 212x DF
      EVGA PSU220-G2-0850-XR
      Star TechIEEE 1394PEX1394B3 PCI Express


      1. Desired position of TPU switch? Off or CPU Ratio Boost or CPU BCLK + Ratio Boost? I do intend to O/C after I know everything functions and is stable. That's why I choose the 5820 cpu.

      2. Desired position of EPU switch? On - Moderate power consumption or Off? Why is ASUS giving the option?

      3. Desired Position of EZ XMP switch? Disabled or enabled? Is this related to the choice of TPU switch position?

      4. CPU Over voltage jumper? Default (pin2-3) or increased voltage (pin 1-2) Is this decision somehow related to the ASUS O/C software?

      5. Is it recommended to install the "Dual Intelligent Processors 5", "5 Way optimization" software? This would seem to have a relation to the position of the TPU, EPU switches but the document never makes that connection so to speak.

      6.I'm struggling to wrap my head around  the different SATA connections. We have SATA6g, SATA Express, ASMedia SATA Express. I have read posts where Eric and Bill have told others where to connect HDD's but I'd like to understand the difference. Plus I noticed two of the SATA connectors are different than all the others.

      7. Should I anticipate any problems setting up the 950Pro NVMe?


      I appreciate the efforts of the group to help clarify so I can learn. Maybe others have had the same or similar questions.

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Those switches are meant for allowing the boards firmware to control frequency settings and ratios. I would turn them off and use the bios settings. The software is for controlling those bios settings from Windows versus setting them in the bios. The software on average is fine but will cause issues with audio editing software if you record and edit audio projects as well.  You want to connect the Sata drives to the Intel controller which is the primary controller. The m.2 will connect the Asmedia Sata Express controller regardless. The 950 Pro will function as a normal drive since you are not putting the OS on it. Just format it in Windows.




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            Jay Knobbe Level 1

            The audio software, would that include Audition?

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              Yes if you are using an audio interface that has Asio drivers for low latency.