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    Quicktime movies trouble.




      From a while back, I'm being experiencing troubles with quicktime. All runs fine until the quicktime movies start to showing itself black, or a alert message pop ups claiming that the quicktime is corrupted. The same when I try to export a movie from AE or Premiere. A restart fix the problem for a while, but evently the problem reappears. I'm runing the 2015 versions of AE, Premiere and Mediancoder  all uptated. My machine OS is Windows 10, and the hardware is an i7 2600k, 32 gigs, GTX 970. I use an SSD exclusive for the projects that I'm working at this time, another small SSD for scratch, another for the OS and Apps, and a big HDD for storage.


      Any idea? It's the system's quicktime malfunctioning may be? It's very disruptive for my workflow restart the machine every couple of ours.