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    Lightroom Corrupting Files After Rendering a Preview


      This has happened a couple times in the past here and there, but the other day it seems as if all Raw image files that Lightroom "previews" starts to corrupt it. (I attached a screenshot of the issue). My Lightroom is up to date and I have reset all my settings, and I am still unsure what the issue is that is causing the problem.






      Basically when I open Lightroom the library displays all the images correctly, then one by one any image that is on the screen gets all wacky (as shown). If I scroll to view more images, the problem repeats itself. Not sure what to do at this point since I don't want to corrupt any further files. Anyone know if this would be a Hard Drive issue or a software issue?


      I am able to access the Raw files in Photoshop and am able to view a preview of the image in Finder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.