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    Help! ADE doesn't show ebooks across all devices, DRM Protected or Not


      I downloaded ADE on my Dell android tablet and my Nexus 6 android phone last night, but only one ebook shows up on my Nexus 6 phone (the ADE Guide!) and only 3 ebooks on my tablet, (the ADE guide, and two free ebooks).  All of my other ebooks on my desktop computer in ADE do NOT show up in either of my other two devices, (DRM protected or not), and are supposed to AUTOMATICALLY do so, and updated (today) ADE on my computer to do just that, for DRM ebooks.  But I am still getting nothing.  The only reason I have ADE is for ONE DRM protected ebook, and still can not access it on anything but my computer.......


      I have authorized all my devices to my Adobe ID.


      Thank you!


      Adobe, if you read this, Please Help!



      "Features of Adobe Digital Editions



      Download and Transfer of books between devices

      Now the books you purchase or download on one device will appear automatically across all the devices you have ADE on."