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    Some FAQs from the old days…

    BigJohnD Level 3

      PM is now ancient and obsolete.


      So, if you're using PM on anything newer than WinXP, you're on your own.


      However, the FAQs which I salvaged years ago are still at http://www.bigjohnd.org.uk/PM_FAQs/PM_FAQs.zip


      My ancient "Installing and Setting Up PM7's Export… Adobe PDF…" tutorial and troubleshooting guide is still at PageMaker 7 Export… Adobe PDF…


      There's even a PM5 script for creating fractions on this truly ancient page at PageMaker Win FAQs 


      However, lots of links are no longer working, being out of date, and I'm losing the will to update them.

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Can't say that I blame you. What's the use? There are very few questions about problems in using Pagemaker in properly working environments (XP or earlier, Mac OS 9 or earlier). Most of the questions nowadays seem to be from people who insist in using PM on the newer OSs and do not like been told that, even if they manage installing PM, they are running the risk of losing all their work at any time  (PM wasn't particularly stable even in the good old days...). Or from those many others who want to open their old PM files in more modern programs, keeping them intact and ready for bringing them up to date.