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    Issue with Choppy Video and Rendering in Timeline



      Newbie to Elements 14 and video editing in general. The video clips I am pulling into my storyline are .MOV files, 1080p at 60fps.  I can play the clip using a media player on my Desktop without issue.  When I drag a clip in the video is choppy. I am using "Expert View".   I get the recommendation to "Render" which i do and then I can cut and trim that clip no issue.


      I have two issues from here, when I add another clip, I can't seem to choose to render the next clip.  I select the new clip, and the Render button but it just jumps back to the beginning of the first clip. Sometimes if I toggle to "Beginner" view and select the second clip it will Render.  I can then switch back to expert view and cut,/trim the next clip.  My second issue once I have 6 or 8 clips and start to move them around in some type of order, the Render issue returns and I Can't seem to Render individual clips moved. 


      I know my HP AIO pc is not top of the line, it has plenty of CPU power and memory, but probably is struggle with the whatever integrated video is in this model.   Am I missing something on the Rendering multiple clips and are there any setting i can tweak inside Premier to relieve some if this contention when manipulating this clips.


      any help would be greatly appreciated,