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    Web Object and Youtube videos won't play when published


      Hello -


      I am creating multiple presentations and in all of them I can see my web objects and youtube videos when I preview, but when I publish into a pdf and other formats, they just appear blank.

      Please help!



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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

          Hi Pam,


          Web objects and youtube videos are not supported when your published output is in pdf format.

          However, if you are publishing in SWF/HTML5 format, they will work, provided you are playing the content from a server and not locally. Also if you publish your SWF/HTML5 output on an LMS, it will work fine.

          For all the necessary details pertaining to embedding of youtube videos and web objects in your presentation, please refer this help document- Presenter Help | Embedding videos and web objects

          Let me know if you need any further details. Please mark this answer as correct if you find it helpful.



          Zeeshan Hussain
          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team