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    Examples of Master Pages

    prhmusic2 Level 2

      I've successfully implemented "twisties" per Peter Grainge's website - Scripts for Twisties, Show All / Hide All and Print Buttons. Works great - no issues. I am using the single button method.


      I've now moved on to building Master Pages for my project. I added a mini-TOC at the top of the master page. In the Twisties RH project from Peter's site, there isn't a master page defined.


      My issue is that I don't want the mini-TOC on the master page be expanded when I click "Expand All" which is in the non-master page part of the topic. I don't want expanding all to include the mini-TOC that I have on the master page.


      What line in the twisties JavaScript file could I change to make the master page mini-TOC be excluded?


      prhmusic at hotmail dot com, if you know...


      Paul Hanson