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    Does Premiere Elements Have These Features Found in Premiere Pro?


      Hi there, I have tried the 30 day trial for Premiere Pro, and while it is a nice program, I only plan to make 1 video every few months. So, the cost for Pro is too high for my usage.


      I am looking at Premiere Elements now since I can buy it outright and it will be cheaper, no subscription. I can buy it and be done with it.


      • Does Elements have the 'vocal enhancement' audio effect? (I have applied this effect to narrated videos before and like it)
      • Does Elements have the same interface as Premiere Pro? I'm a beginner, and I found Premiere Pro to be overwhelming with the different windows. I often found myself lost within all the windows and menus. I always seemed to press the wrong key and lose the current window and wonder "what the heck did I just do? Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z!!"
      • Does Elements still have the razor cut tool and the magnetic snap tool that Pro has to edit the timeline?
      • Obviously I am a basic user and not a power user, so I am leaning towards Premiere Elements; is there a good summary of the differences between Pro and Elements? I've looked online and many answers are several years old, and I'm sure the programs have changed since then. A basic features list would be great so I could just run down the list and if Elements has everything I've used/needed so far in Pro, then I would buy Elements. There are so many features in Premiere Pro that I have never used, don't know what they are for, and don't think I'd ever use them!


      Thank you all so much for reading, and for your advice!