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    Wacom tablet & AE causes messy "sticky" selections and lagging effects

    JBrown321 Level 1

      I know this has been asked but I am having severe issues with AE and the use of my Wacom tablet. This started after updating our systems at work to 2015. Tablet has some what of a sticky feel and has a somewhat of a lag when dragging keyframes, scrubbing, layer selection ect. It creates selection boxes when in the timeline too and everything seems to go crazy as layers and keyframes are being moved with very odd behavior. We are on the latest OSX EL Capitan and I am using an older wacom intuous 3 with latest drivers. Any thoughts as to what the issue is? Adobe? Wacom? It also does this on the intuous 5 but a lesser degree. I'm running out of ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated.