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    After Effects crashing after installing CUDA

    WhoisRip Level 1

      so...I never knew all along that CUDA was something separate you had to install.  Here I am using my GTX 970 all along thinking it was CUDA enabled.Anyways...my system was working perfectly fine.


      Anyways...my system was working perfectly fine til I decided to install "CUDA".  Went to install CUDA, but didn't have Visual Studio installed.  so I installed the latest version of Visual Studio (2015)...but CUDA still wouldn't install cuz I didn't have 2013 installed.  At this point, I should have known to just stop.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  So I found VS 2013 and installed that.  Then...After Effects started to crash continually.  So I tried uninstalling all VS's, and CUDA...but I still see a **** ton of .NET framework things installed.  Even un-installed AE and re-installed it...and AE is still crashing non-stop.  Every 5 mins.


      Someone HELP!!  I can't conduct business like this!!!!!!!  (System specs in my profile)