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    Flash Paper and Flash Player 8 Update

      I am not sure if the problem is with our coldfusion server or if the problem is with Flash player 8. When running reports off the coldfusion server (Reports built with the CFReportsBuilder program) in flash paper format and flash player 8 is installed on the client, these reports will not run. They do not show any errors, they just stall. But when flash player 8 is uninstalled from the client and Flash player 7 is reinstalled, or URL/Get variables are used instead of Form/POST variables the reports run fine. Using URL variables is not a good alternative because this will display confidential information, and because of the amount of web sites requiring flash player 8 now flash player 7 is no longer a option either.

      I have been trying to find a solution for this problem for sometime now. If anyone has had this problem and can help me with a work around I would like to thank you in advance.