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    Help convert script to VBScript

    clutch-cargo Level 1

      As I learn VBscript I notice most script examples here tend to be in Javascript.  I am trying to create a script to select all PageItems in a layer and re-size the StrokeWidth but having no luck.  I figure if I can study something close to it I might catch on.  I came across this post way back in 2010.  Could someone be so kind as to convert these to VBscript in order for me to study them as examples?




      function GetSelPfade(){
      var pf=app.activeDocument.pathItems;
      var p=new Array();
      for(i=0;i<pf.length ;i++){
      return p;

      layers[n].hasSelectedArtwork = true;

      var p=GetSelPfade();

      layers[n].hasSelectedArtwork = false;


      and this one:





      Many thanks...