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    Index conversion to Word and back to Indesign

    Fritschy Level 1

      Indesign CS6, MS Word 2010, Windows 7

      As I use the Dutch version of Indesign, I'm not sure I use the right terms.


      I have made a book in Indesign with index markers in it. Now I copied the file to a Word document so that the author can make changes for the next edition. This has always worked fine; Word understands the index markers. (A nice way to produce a reprint, because reinserting an index can come costly. Of course this is only used when a lot of changes are to be made.)


      To be sure, I reimported the Word document into an empty Indesign file (not by copying it, of course, but by placing it, making sure that 'import options' and 'index markers' were checked). Now the index markers were gone.

      I tried it again with a small test file, and now everything worked fine again.


      The only difference with other times is that in Indesign, I used the 'next number of pages' option many times when inserting index markers. (In the generated index you get: '<index word> <page range>') When I check these in Word, this option is not copied; it looks like a normal index word ( {xe "<index word>"} ) and when you generate the index, only the first page of the range appears.


      My questions: can this be the reason? Then I just have to remove the page ranges, which is a bit of a job, so I would like to be sure. (Is there a GREP search for this...?)

      If not, what else could it be (and how could I fix the problem)?