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    Lightroom Instagram filter panel




      I remember there was a filter tab on the navigator (left panel). the filter tab was something like Instagram filters . There were so many filter options that simply I could click on any and apply it to my photos. But after the update is gone:( can anyone please help me to bring it back.

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          Alfred Pennyworth Level 4

          These are probably develop presets in the Instagram style? Do you have your presets stored in a different location from their default, e.g with the catalog? Look in the preferences dialog and see of the option to store them with the catalog is checked? If not then check it and restart LR to see if they have returned. If not, uncheck the option to get everything back as it was, and you will have to look for them using the search facility in your operating system, reinstall them into LR from their location on your hard drive. Just ask if you need any further help.

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            Rikk Flohr - CM Adobe Employee

            The Presets panel is available from the Develop module. Make sure you are in that module by hitting the [ D ] key.  The Presets panel should appear on the LH Side right underneath Navigator.  If it is not visible, right-click on any other panel header and put a checkmark next to Presets.


            If the Presets panel is visible but empty, then Alfred's suggestion should be followed.

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              mehdik26091728 Level 1

              Thank you so much for the response!


              Unfortunately It doesn't work!


              But thanks though!