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    Table grids are not displayed in the Help when generated using RoboHelp 10


      Hi all,


      I have a customer requirement wherein I need to show the table grids in the CHM output. Not only the outer border but also the internal cell lines.


      Whenever I am trying to edit the table from Table>Format>Properties, in the Table Borders options the "All" option seems disabled.


      My help project has multiple table and it will not be possible to format each table manually.


      Can any one of you suggest how do I make the grid lines visible in the output (we are using "Web help to Chm Converter" script to produce the output) by editing the cascading style sheet or editing the styles so that the modified style is applied to all the tables in the project.


      I have access to both RoboHelp 10 and 2015.


      Thanks in advance.