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    Adobe acrobat reader ios 7 ?


      Can I get the  ios 7 version of Adobe  Acrobat Reader??  (Some developers do keep earlier versions of their apps for the poor souls like me with older IPADs).


      If so where/ how?   ( Google didn't turn up a download site...available version is for ios 8).

      If the ios 7 version  is strictly a reader, with no annotation tools  at all, tell me.



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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what you mean about developers keeping old versions. So far as I know iOS will only install from the App Store. Do you have an example of a developer doing that?

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            MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

            Hi golde87865463,


            The latest version (16.04.05) of Acrobat Reader requires iOS 8.0 or later. 


            However, the App Store can provide the latest compatible version of Adobe Reader for your iPad or iPhone running iOS 7 (or even older version of iOS).


            1. Go to the App Store app on your iPad/iPhone.
            2. Find Acrobat Reader.
            3. Try downloading the latest version of Acrobat Reader.


            Do you see the following dialog with two buttons (Download and Cancel)?

            Please tap the Download button to install the previous version of Adobe Reader.


            If you see the dialog with the OK button only (i.e. no Download button), it means that you have never installed Adobe Acrobat Reader using the particular Apple ID before.


            To associate Adobe Acrobat Reader with your Apple ID, you will need a Windows or Mac computer and iTunes (desktop app).


            1. On your iPad/iPhone, check the Apple ID that you use for the App Store (Settings > iTunes & App Store).
            2. On your Windows or Mac computer, open iTunes.
            3. Sign in iTunes using the same Apple ID that you use on your iPad/iPhone.
            4. Find Acrobat Reader and download it to your computer.  (Do not try to install it on your iPad/iPhone because the latest version is not compatible with your iPad/iPhone anyway.)


            Now you can switch back to your iPad/iPhone and try downloading the latest version of Reader.  You will be presented with the dialog with the Download button.


            You can add annotations and fill out PDF forms using the older version of Reader.


            Please let us knows if it works for you.


            Thank you.