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    Difference between XI pro and Pro DC


      What is the difference in adobe XI Pro and Pro DC.?  when i convert PDF to Docx, XI Pro gives less number of table counts than Pro DC. So we are using Pro DC.

      I need to clear all tables from the converted word document.When i use Pro DC, there are times when the the whole document is in table format and so file becomes blank after removing the tables. This is not the case with XI Pro. Having said this, XI pro does have its drawbacks. All tables from a PDF are not changed to table format when converted to word doc. So I need to know how it works. Why does this happen that the entire converted file comes in table format even if there are no actual tables in it? Also as I understand, Pro DC is the next version of XI Pro, but still there are drawbacks... please help if possible..


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          The problem is that the conversion cannot be exact, not even in theory. Word documents can reflow, PDFs cannot. A converter has to decide whether to create easy to edit flowing text, that will change appearance, or to lock text in boxes and tables. And, crucially, PDF files don't contain tables - just text and lines. So the process of converting Word to DOC is one of guesswork.


          Given all this, Adobe try to improve it, but it will mean the result is absolutely not going to be the same, or made in the same way.


          I feel Adobe should offer lots and lots of options and controls for this process so you can say what is important. But I guess Adobe feel this will alienate most of the customers who want to do this.