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    Adding a link to an invitation

    suckboi Level 1

      Hi All,


      I created an invitation in Photoshop CC for the American Cancer Society for an event they are holding very soon. I need to link it to an invite form on a website... A 'click here to RSVP' clickable within the image. Is this doable? I've been looking around and have found a couple potential solutions but I wanted to ask here. The image will be displayed in Outlook and on Facebook.


      One solution was to use the slice tool. I tried this and did a layer slice on a rectangle layer. I then saved it 'for web' as an html file with the target within the rectangle being a '_blank' direct to the linked page. This kind of worked but when inserted into my test in apple Mail, the hrml file displayed as a small icon... Not a large picture. I can't imagine this would work on Facebook either. I image though on Facebook the image coil just be linked within there.


      So so I guess what I'm asking is if there is a way to safe an image as an... Image with a linked url within it.