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    replacing 2 depending dropdown lists by combination of radio buttons/list box


      In a first step, I placed two depending dropdown lists:

      „dropdown“ and „secondDropdown“ with the following script in the key stroke field of teh field „dropdown“


      var dropdown = {

                             "category1": [ ["-","None"], ["termA",11], ["termB",12], ["termc",13]],

                             "category2": [ ["-","None"], ["term_a",21], ["termb_",22], ["term_c",23]],

                             "category3": [ ["-","None"], ["term_i",31]],

                             "category4": [ ["-","None"], ["termX",41]]



      var oPaymentProductField = dropdown;


      function PaymentProduct()




            var lst = oPaymentProductField[event.value];

            if( (lst != null) && (lst.length > 0) )













      The customer prefers to replace the first dropdown list by a group of 4 radio bottons (field name “category”).

      The second dropdown list should be a list box (field “ListField”, only with single choice option)


      4 radio buttons (group name "category")

      export value 1

      export value 2

      export value 3

      export value 4


      For filling the List box, I wrote following script in the calculation field of another text field (I do not know where I can place this script in radio buttons or list boxes):


      var cat = this.getField("category").value;

      var list = this.getField("ListField");

      if (cat == "1") list.setItems( ["-","None"], ["termA",11], ["termB",12], ["termC",13]);

      else if (cat == "2") list.setItems([ ["-","None"], ["term_a",21], ["term_b",22], ["term_c", 23]]);

      else if (cat == "3") list.setItems([ ["-","None"], ["term_i",31]]);

      else if (cat == "4") list.setItems([ ["-","None"], ["term_X",41]]);

      else list.setItems([""]);


      Depending on selection oft he radio buttons, the list box is filled correctly. But I cannot retrieve the export value as I could when I used the two dropdown lists.

      I need to use this export value to give more information in other fields.

      How can I get the export value oft he list field?