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    10 free images available on CC Plan Upgrade?

    Brett Redvers



      I am looking to upgrade my CC plan to include Adobe Stock.


      On my CC Control Panel it says 'Get 10 free Adobe Stock images'.

      When I follow this option it takes me to:





      However if I try to add Adobe Stock via a Plan Upgrade on my main account via the Adobe website it does not say anything about the 10 free images being refunded.


      So my question is:

      Are the 10 free images only available if I purchase Adobe Stock as a separate element? (I assume with a separate payment plan coming out on a different date to my main CC plan?)

      Or does the 10 free images refunded option also come into play if I upgrade my plan to include Adobe Stock?


      I tried asking the question on chat but the person I was speaking to obviously did not understand English very well and could not understand my question at all! :-)


      I'm trying to find out as I really don't want payment coming out for my standard CC plan and Adobe Stock plan on separate dates and would rather keep these inclusive if possible.


      How does ordering Adobe Stock via Plan upgrade or through the direct Adobe Stock links I mentioned above differ?


      Hope that all makes sense!