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    I live in Denmark but I want CC Lightroom in English


      Why do software houses need to make everything so inflexible and automatic? Just because I happen to live in Denmark doesn't mean that I wish to communicate with Adobe and Lightroom in Danish. It is a nice feature that the websites can recognize my geographical location and offer everything in Danish. But there should be an option to change the language to English as well.


      Anyway, does anyone know how I can do this? I am currently very interested in starting the one month trial version to the CC version of Lightroom 6, with the intention of then starting up a subscription afterwards. But I want it in English, not Danish.


      Can anyone tell me if it is possible to communicate with the Adobe sites in English while at the same time not faking my geographical location? Since I do want to start a subscription, I do not want to go to the US websites.


      And Adobe, if you are reading this, please, not everyone in Denmark wants to work in Danish


      Many thanks!