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    Unbind nested Button within Symbol.

    dreaminkiss Level 1

      Hello All;

      Ok, what I have is the following.


      A symbol named ButtonStage

      Within that Symbol, there are 4 Buttons.

      If you click on the CORRECT button, then I need to disable ALL other buttons.



      In the Stage, I have this


      sym.buttonState1 = function(){
      sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("ButtonStage").getSymbol("ButtonOne").unbind("cl ick");


      In the Symbol, I have this under the CORRECT button

      ButtonThree - OnClick

      However, it is not working. I can still click on the other button(s).
      Are there any idea's on this one?


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          ddhayles Level 3

          Try hiding your other buttons on the click using .hide();:


          in your global function try this instead of unbind:



          Although it may be best to put this in your click code rather than compositionReady unless that code needs to be accessed by something else using your global function.

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            dreaminkiss Level 1

            Using the Hide on the click itself, did the job.

            I have a cover over each of the buttons, that the click action goes to.

            So, I was able to hide it, and the button becomes unclickable.




            The downfall of hiding the Cover is that the Text becomes selectable.

            As I do not want to hide all the elements.


            Thanks once again ddhayles for provided something that was right there in front of me.

            But I could not see it.