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    Can't Convert SWF to any other file type.

    Jini-Twist Level 1

      Hey, I have an .fla & published .swf file (Flash CS5) from an animation that I'm trying to convert to any other format I can upload to youtube. I can't publish the gif & convert that because the colors get screwed up. Every time I try to convert the swf file through online tools, each website reports some unknown error with the file. That tells me it's an issue with flash, but I haven't done anything that should cause it! SWF plays fine. Works fine in flash. Didn't do anything but click the Publish button.


      I'm pretty sure it's in action script 1, but there's literally nothing done with it, it's just grouped vector images with placement rearranged every frame. This is such a basic thing, I can't understand why there's an issue. Any help getting a published SWF to convert?