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    AEM and InDesign


      Do I need a plugin like Silicon Connector for AEM or BOX, in order for my links to persist when I link psd and ai files to my InDesign file if all of my assets are in AEM DAM and InDesign Server? Silicon Connector will allow me to link to a psd or ai file in the cloud (BOX.COM, AEM) in my InDesign file as if that psd or ai file is on a shared server or on my desktop. No syncing required. If another person modifies the psd or ai file in BOX or AEM, i get a notification that the linked file in my InDesign Links panel. Basically, the plugin seamlessly creates and maintains url based links as if the link was on my desktop.


      The question is, if I have the full suite of Creative Cloud for Enterprise with managed services, would links persist in my InDesign file without having to sync to my desktop or shared server or would I still need the Silicon Connector plugin? In addition, when I mount AEM assets, can i link to psd files to my InDesign document without those AEM assets being synced to a physical server or desktop?