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    Lightroom on a Windows Tablet


      I am trying out the use of Lightroom (and Photoshop) on my tablet, a Dell Venue 8 Pro. This is a "proof of concept" situation since carrying around a tablet is so much easier than a 4-lb laptop, even though the latter is better in terms of processing ability. There are issues in that the tablet is only 32-bit, so I don't have the latest version of Lightroom and the catalogs are incompatible. i think I can learn to work around these issues for now (that is, until I can upgrade to a 64-bit tablet).


      My problem is the 64 GB micro SD card which is acting as my second "hard drive/SSD". Lightroom doesn't see it that way. When I try to import my photographs, Lightroom wants to copy them over to another drive, thinking that I have inserted an SD card into my card reader. How can i get Lightroom to accept the micro SD card as another drive and do the import leaving the photographs in place on the card?