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    Problems with popup footnotes

    jhsca Level 1

      I have 5 books with footnotes and all footnotes work as expected when exported to epub2 reflowable.

      But when I export to epub3 feflowable and view in Ibooks on a Ipad., the popup footnotes work as expect with 3 of the books but not the other two.


      Of the 2 non-working books only has 13 footnotes, so I stripped out all the footnotes and saved them as plain text.

      I then entered them one by one, testing the epub popup notes after each footnote was added.


      After three first three footnotes were added the popup footnotes are working on the Ipad.


      After I add the 4th NONE of the popup foonotes work.


      It was nothing related to the content of the 4th footnote, because the popups do not work when I repeat the first footnote in place of the 4th footnote.


      This is a really puzzle, because nothing that I have read in several forums suggest that there are any issues with popup footnotes. I do realise that they will only work on Ibooks and that is what I am using to test.


      Has anyone here heard of any issues with popup footnotes.