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    RoboHelp crashes when deleting a linked FrameMaker book


      Hello all,


      I'm working on RoboHelp 2015 on Windows 7 and I'm getting RoboHelp crashes when I attempt to delete a particular FrameMaker book from the RoboHelp Project in the Project Manager. The FrameMaker book has about 17 files (standard Cover, TOC, chapter files, glossary, and index). I'm able to delete other similar books, but when I get to this one, RH crashes -- every time. The error message is, "Adobe RoboHelp 2015 has stopped working." The only recourse is to close the window.


      The RH project is just a couple months old (created on RH 2015). But the FrameMaker files have been around for years, and converted to FM 2015 from at least FM 9 if not earlier, and they have several conditional text settings.


      Any ideas how to fix this?


      I checked the log files, but they don't mean much to me:














      Any help would be much appreciated!


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          katew27494769 Level 1



          I'm happy to report the issue has been resolved. My RoboHelp installation was fairly recent (<4 months), but there were updates available. So...I updated the Tech Comm 2015 suite, including RoboHelp. I'm now on RH version, and I'm no longer getting crashes. If anyone has a theory about what might have happened, I'd love to hear it (always like to get to the root of the issue if possible).




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            I am having this same problem. I recently upgraded from TCS 4.0 to TCS 2015 (on Windows 8). I've had to start brand new RH and FM templates from scratch since I kept running into issues updating my existing templates from TCS 4.0.

            In RH, I have the new, TCS 2015-created FM book linked in the Project Manager. When attempting to delete said book, I get the "Adobe RoboHelp 2015 has stopped working" message. I tried katew27494769's suggestion of updating my TCS (I'm also now on, but am still getting the error.