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    PDF Form interactive Drop down list

    terezag150990 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to set up a PDF form with a drop down menu that will make a new field show up once one of the items is selected.

      What I'd like to happen:

      A drop down menu named "Fiscal Responsibility" contains 7 names. For one of these names, let's call that person George, if selected, I'd like to have a field pop up saying "Invoicing Approval" somewhere else on the Form.

      I tried to do this with Actions and basic JavaScript while Preparing the form but since I am a beginner I don't know how to create the script correctly.

      Thank you!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming the dropdown items do not have export values set, you can use a custom validate script in the dropdown for this. For example:


          // Custom Validate script for a combo box

          getField("invoice_approval").display = event.value === "George" ? display.visible : display.hidden;


          where "invoice_approval" is the name of the field that displays the "Invoicing Approval" text. You'd probably want to set it to read-only.


          I'm also going to move this to the Acrobat JavaScript forum: JavaScript