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    Dynamic Link affecting levels/colour of footage




      I'm experiencing an unusual and frustrating error with dynamic link between Premiere and After Effects, both updated to the latest version of CC.


      I initially had an edit in Premiere before using dynamic link to apply effects on almost all of the clips in my timeline. Everything worked great and it was a seamless workflow.


      I then graded the footage back in Premiere (which was now all linked via dynamic link) and all was good. I needed to then make slight adjustments to my original effects and so went back to my After Effects project, which is where the problems began.


      For some reason, after returning to the After Effects project and then going back to Premiere, all of the linked footage had shifted in contrast and the clips were much darker with crushed blacks etc.


      I've traced the error back to After Effects, which seems to be displaying all of my clips with darker levels both in the compositions and project bin. I've tried reloading the footage etc. with no luck and I'm stuck for options.


      Hope someone can help!