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    AE screen drops out



      I'm on version of After Effects CC.  31% of 31.9 GB of RAM used.  I actually have two computers and this is happening on BOTH.


      While working in AE my view of the screen just drops out.  That "corner" towards the bottom of the right was the solid I was working with.  Everything dropped out.  If I go back to a different composition or fiddle with enough things the screen will come back and I'll have my beautiful pictures back.


      Any idea what's causing this?  I never had issues until like two updates ago.  I thought it was my old computer but now that I'm working in AE on the new one it's doing it as well. 


      Brand new build - i7 6700k proc, Nvidia 970 video card, SSDs, etc.  The AE project file is small and only has 5 comps.