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    Wrong character appear when exporting PDF from InDesign CS6


      Sometimes, wrong character appear in PDF output when export print PDF from InDesign application, system and app detail below


      Mac version - 10.10.3

      Application - InDesign CS6 v8.0

      Character Issue in Exported Print PDF.JPG


      But the same working correctly when we try in another machine.


      Below are the manual steps that we are handling to resolve such issue:

      1. Sometimes, no issue when we try in another machine.


      • Removing loaded Job Preset from InDesign application and load again from location
      • Clearing 'System Trash'
      • Removing all the fonts in following Adobe location

      ../Adobe/Adobe InDesign [app-version]/Fonts, and copying job fonts in to this location


      Can anyone please advise best solution for this?