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    Copy someone's editing


      I am a young photographer in high school & recently I found a girls' instagram account that had a aiming pictures! I fell in love with her editing style and always tried to recreate it but never could get it just right. In the last couple of months she has completely changed her style into something that I don't really like anymore. I am looking for someone who is really good at discovering and reading people's editing styles and see if they could help me duplicate them. I know that sounds selfish but she doesn't edit like that anymore and I figured if she isn't going to I might as well, hahaha. I'll add the link to her site  and if you look at her OLD pictures and travel section that is what I like the most. thank you!!

      MCKENNA — jaci marie

      BRANDTLY + SYDNEY — jaci marie 

      PHOTO BLOG — jaci marie